When not on special, each custom-made doll costs $220.

It comes dressed in any MyDoll outfit of your choice.

You will also receive a matching outfit for your child.

Should you wish to purchase additional outfits/accessories, you may certainly do so.

We will send them along with your doll. Or you can order them separately any time.

* Please remember that MyDoll is NOT a replica doll. It is NOT a work of art.

MyDoll is a toy made from pre-fabricated doll parts.

First, we match your child’s photo to one of our existing facial moulds. Then using the detailed information you supplied to us during the ordering process, we create a doll with the overall general appearance of your child.

MyDoll is 60 cm tall. It has a soft body and top quality vinyl head, arms and legs, which can be posed.

Note: When on Special all personalised dolls come dressed in the same promotional outfit. You can view our current promotional outfit on the Specials page

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