Your doll’s face, arms and legs can be cleaned with baby wipes, or with a washcloth using mild soap and lukewarm water. Ink will not come off vinyl, so be very careful when using pens around your doll and never wrap your doll in newsprint. Some food colouring may also permanently stain your doll’s skin.

When cleaning your doll’s face, be careful not to get water in her eyes, and protect eyelashes from heat, pulling, or rubbing.

Your doll’s torso is fabric and should not be immersed in water. If the body does become wet, take off the doll’s clothes and simply let the cloth torso air dry.



Your doll’s hair is made of high quality, durable synthetic fibre. You can change the style as often as you like from playful pigtails to ballet buns to French braids and stylish twist-ups.

We suggest you should mist your doll’s hair with water and use the MyDoll hairbrush.

Washing your doll’s hair is not advised, but if you must, use cold water and a dash of mild shampoo. Let the wig air dry.

Never use curling irons, blow dryers, or heated rollers on your doll’s hair. Heat will damage her hair and make it stiff, dry and frizzy.

My Doll Care and Repair


MyDoll garments can retain their original condition for many seasons by correctly following the care and washing instructions labeled inside each garment. Most garments are machine washable in cold water. Please allow for 5% shrinkage and never soak or bleach MyDolls garments.

My Doll - Care and Repair

Did your little brother put a rubber stamp on your doll’s arm? Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Even to the best-loved dolls. Or maybe after hundreds of hugs your special doll just needs to freshen up? Whatever the case, our specially trained doctors are the experts in handling repairs for MyDoll. So if your favourite doll does have an accident, don’t despair. We will gladly fix the problem. Please see MyDoll Hospital Admission Form for available services.

For admission to MyDoll Hospital :

  • Fill out admission form for the required type of repair.
  • Place your undressed doll and admission form with payment attached, including postage, in a sturdy box. Do not wrap your doll in newsprint.
  • Send to: MyDoll Hospital, PO Box 1434, Castle Hill, NSW 1765

    We know that your doll is very special to you. So we’ll make sure she eats her veggies and gets plenty of sleep while in our care. And in two weeks time you will have her back feeling better than ever!
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